Hi -Tech

Hi- Tech Brand consist of Medical Furniture, devices and equipments. Hi- Tech brand is enlisted in several Defense related Medical Institutions. Hi-Tech products are in great demand for various private and government institutions. Products are live and active in countries like USA, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Angola and several others.


“HEALO” brand name holding FDA (USA) and CE (EU) certification with wide range of products. Over a year, HEALO achieved a strong and competing position in MENA region. This position has been obtained by acquiring a lot of specific knowledge, experience and a good customer service, causing the customer to receive exceptionally powerful products at HEALO.

Our team involved in RND, designing, production and marketing the Non-powered therapy products nurturing the area of “Beauty”, “Happiness”, “Health”, “Longevity” and helps to maintain good health life style. HEALO products are basically for the thermotherapy needed individuals with a wide range of health products which are non-electrical and medication free. HEALO therapy products based on nanotechnology, by replacing traditional micro grain coating and embedded the far-infrared ray woven fiber.